Samstag, 17. März 2012

Day 39 to 45 - Tasmania

Hasting Caves
Don't I look intelligent?
Port Arthur
After Andi went home I visited Tasmania. Tasmania is the largest island of the Australian Commonwealth, located 240km south of the Australian mainland with a population of about 500.000 people. Because of it's natural beauty and landscape Tasmania is often compared to New Zealand. My first stop was Hobart, which is the largest city and also the second oldest town in Australia (Sydney is the oldest). Hobart is a city with alot of restaurant located in old houses near the marina. After I spent one day there I did a day tour to the Hasting Caves and to the "End of the Road" which is the most southern point on a street in Australia. On my third day I started a 3 day tour along the east coast with a nice tour group (many greetings to all) and a perfect tour guide (thanks John!). Day 1 was our cultural day, Port Arthur was the main target. Port Arthur was a convict which was well known for it's harsh seperate prison system. Any contact between prisoners has been prevented.
We also went to an wildlife park to see tasmanian devils and we feed some kangaroos. On our second day we had no luck and so we saw some highlights like "Wineglass Bay" only under bad weather conditions. The third day was my personal highlight by visiting the "Bay of fires". The Bay of Fires - white beaches, deep blue water and red rocks. The tour ended in Launceston where I stayed for another night before I went to Melbourne. In Launceston I did some sightseeing, walked to the Cataract Gorge and visited the monkeys in the city park. Tasmania is a real nice place to visit, totally different to the mainland of Australia, so don't miss it.
Bay of fires

Tasmanian Devil

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  1. Hi,

    I am sure it was wonderful trip as you got 7 weeks in Australia. We hardly get a week holidays and we are planning walking tour in Tasmania. The photo shots are excellent, Tasmanian Devil is looking horrible. Amazing place to see wildlife. Very much excited about our trip.